Guide to Pressing Multi-Layered Transfers

Guide to Pressing Multi-Layered Transfers

One of the benefits of direct to film transfers is the ability to layer designs for a multidimensional effect. However, getting a clean press on layered artwork takes some finesse. Follow these tips for pressing quality multi-layered DTF transfers:

Print Layers as Separate Sheets

First, have your layered artwork printed as individual DTF transfer sheets. Trying to align everything in one press is extremely difficult. Separating layers gives control.

Start with Bottom Layer

Press your bottom layer transfer first as a base. For full coverage back designs, use an alignment jig to center. Apply for 6-8 seconds with medium pressure.

Preheat Garment Again

Before adding layers, reheat the garment for 5 seconds to release any residual moisture and reactivate the adhesive.

Align Second Layer

Cover with release paper and carefully position the next layered transfer sheet. Use alignment marks or center guides to match placement.

Press Layers Individually

Press each layer separately right after alignment. Use lighter pressure and 4-5 second presses to avoid movement. Check positioning.

Finish with Top Layer

Keep building up from bottom to top, preheating between each layer aligned and pressed. The top layer gets a final press for full adherence.

Stretch Test Results

After the final layer cools, stretch the garment in multiple directions. Make sure the layers stick and don’t crack or lift. Press again if needed.

Get perfect multi-layer results every time. The experienced staff at DTFDFW can print, pre-align, and even pre-press layers for you. Request a quote and take the guesswork out of pressing multi-layered transfers!

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