Stock DTF Transfers

DTFDFW Stock DTF Transfers

DTF transfers by DTFDFW are cold peel transfers that are produced with the highest quality materials, ensuring vivid colors and an easy application process. These transfers provide an ideal solution for any project, guaranteeing the quality and results you need with ease of use and application.

Requirements for a DTFDFW Transfer:

  • 300 DPI Image is needed for best quality print.
  • Do NOT mirror your images. Our program automatically does this for you and this is not something we can edit. If your mirror your image(s) they will print backwards. We will not offer refunds or replacements for this. 
  • Artwork should be sized for what you want to order. If your artwork is not properly sized based on your order, DTFDFW will resize your image to match the size of your order. DTFDFW will not accept responsibility for loss of image quality due to resizing. 
  • Images will be printed AS-IS. DTFDFW does not offer artwork services. DTFDFW will not crop, edit, change colors, ect. Please ensure all artwork is print ready as we will not offer any refunds for printed artwork.
  • When uploading a file you are certifying that you have all rights to print the design. DTFDFW takes NO responsibility for trademark or copywritten infringement and we do reserve the right to refund any print at our discretion.
  • Discounts can NOT be applied to this listing. Custom DTFDFW orders will NOT go into production if a discount has been applied. 

What is a DTF transfer?

  • DTF Transfers are a type of garment transfer that has been printed using a water-based DTF ink printed onto a clear release paper. This allows you the flexibility of when and what product the DTF transfer is applied too. DTF transfers can be made in single color or full color images. DTF transfers from DTF DFW can be applied to cotton, nylon, treated leather, polyester, 50/50 blends and more. This includes light and dark fabrics! DTF transfers have become extremely popular in the crafting community due to the ease of use and quick application process. There is NO weeding with DTF transfers. 

Application Instructions for DTFDFW Transfers:

Pressing temperature: 315°-330° F (you will need to find your presses sweet spot)

Pressing time: 20 seconds for 1st press

Pressure: HIGH       Peel: Cold Peel

  • All DTFDFW transfers require a commercial grade heat press to ensure high, even pressure that is needed for correct application. Home irons & Cricut Presses are not guaranteed to work.
  • DTFDFW recommends a 2nd press after removing the DTF film for approximately 15 seconds. Please ensure you have a Teflon sheet or parchment paper on top of the image to protect your image and heat press.

 *The above settings are only recommendations by DTFDFW and will greatly vary based on your particular heat press.